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6 Helpful Tips to Prepare for Your First Psychic Reading Online

Psychic readings come with a lot of question marks if you have never talked to such an advisor before mysterious psychic with yellow tarot cards. You probably know already that you can get some valuable insights and advice regarding your career, love and life, but at the same time, psychic mediums are also suitable to find closure after losing a loved one.


The anxiety is not all about seeing famous psychics face to face, but also about dealing with online psychics. You have no clue how to prepare, what type of questions to ask, whether or not you should lead the psychic reading for free and so on. It is perfectly normal though and most people feel like this – here is everything you need to know to get ready for this experience.


Tip 1: Think about your main concerns and different areas of life


It makes no difference if you opt for a free online psychic reading or a chat psychic reading. You cannot just go there and ask the psychic to tell you everything they know about you – it is just not how it works. Instead, you need to direct the psychic you see. You need to point them in the right direction. Sure, they will connect into your aura anyway, but there are different messages regarding your career or love.

Therefore, it is extremely important to consider the areas of life that you think you may need assistance with. Some people feel like they stagnate in their careers. No matter what they do, they seem to be in the same position. They can never progress. Some others are stuck in a toxic relationship or perhaps they have been single for ages.

There are more areas of life that may require some attention and they include your job, relationships – whether romantic or not, family issues, spiritual development and so on. While you can ask a few ideas about health-related stuff, it might be better to avoid such topics when getting a free psychic reading. Why?

Simple. Best psychics do have the capability to tap into your aura, get some messages from the world beyond and see things that you cannot see. However, they are not doctors. Most psychics and advisors will not want to influence the decisions you make regarding your health, so this type of topic is somewhere in a gray area.


Tip 2: Be specific with your questions


The best psychic reading out there asks for specific questions, but not too detailed. For instance, ask what you are interested about, but do not ask about the winning lottery numbers. You get the point. Passive questions are less likely to get the right answer – Will I become rich? Will I marry the love of my life?


Reassurance questions are also to be avoided – Should I ask my best friend out? Should I quit my job? It feels like you have already made a partial decision, but you are not 100% sure about it and you want a stranger’s reassurance. The same rule applies to doubt fueled questions – stay away from them when getting a free psychic reading.


So, what should you ask a free psychic then? Identify your personal agenda – this step is quite significant. Think about your feelings, desires, thoughts and ideas. All these things float around your energy field – this is where the psychic connects. The psychic will find the right vibrations and can pick up on them. If they know what you are interested in, they will be able to interpret the messages they get based on your requests.


Tip 3: Avoid testing the psychic


A lot of people show up with this misconception in mind. You want to test the psychic. You want to make sure the people you talk to are real psychics. You can get all the answers you need by researching a psychic before getting there in person or giving them a call. It makes no difference if this is the first time you talk to psychic mediums, or you get psychic readings on a regular basis.


Many new clients attempt to establish proof that their psychics on the internet are authentic and real. That’s fine! But not all psychics are able to look up current information. Some have abilities that take them in totally different directions. When you’re done with the day, you’ll spend your time taking random tests rather than finding the answers you require.


Tip 4: Come up with a list


A psychic reading online will fly – literally. You may think that you have enough time to take it easy and be chilled about it – wrong. You do not have so much time. In fact, time will go faster than you think. When you pay per minute, your bill will go high pretty fast – your credit will soon run out. Therefore, you need to plan everything in small details upfront.


You need to come up with a list before you even research the psychic. Give yourself more time and add new ideas as they pop through your mind. In other words, start with your concerns first. Once you identify them, put them on a list in order of importance. This way, you will get more appropriate physic help without wasting time.


Emotions may also take you over. When talking to free psychics online, you may end up forgetting everything you had in mind prior to the meeting. You will run out of ideas – not unusual at all. Having a list in front of your eyes will make you come up with the right questions. At this point, your time will be better organized and results will be more efficient.


Tip 5: Maintain some realistic expectations


It makes no difference if you get the best free online psychic reading face to face, a phone psychic reading or a chat psychic reading. You need to understand how this process works. Just because you are not face to face, it does not mean that the psychic cannot tune into your aura. Other than that, it is perfectly normal for some psychics to fail to connect with you – your vibes do not match.


There is nothing wrong with you and nothing wrong with the psychic. You just have to find someone else. Furthermore, no psychic will be 100% right every single time. This is because your destiny is not written in the stars. You will always change your mind. You will make new decisions all the time, not to mention experiencing all sorts of outcomes.


As a direct consequence, a psychic’s messages may change later on based on the decisions you make. Talking about expectations, expect some messages that will make sense based on your current circumstances. Do not expect very specific answers – lottery numbers, the name of your next lover and so on – real psychics are not magicians.


Tip 6: Get there with an open mind


It makes no difference if you reach famous psychics or you get a free phone psychic reading over the Internet. You have to do it with an open mind. If you are anxious about the experience and you do not trust psychics, there is no point to get a reading anyway. Anxiety and stress are normal, but try to keep the mind open for a better connection with your psychic reader.


Believe it or not, some people go to psychics determined not to share anything about themselves – this is a terrible idea. You need to direct the psychic towards what interests you. They will get some messages from the world beyond, but they also need to interpret them. They will have no clue how to do it if they are not aware of your situation.


A closed mind covered in skepticism will also add negativity to your energy, and the psychic will feel it. Not only is it a waste of money, but it also becomes a waste of time. A cheap psychic reading is similar to any other interaction you may have with a professional. Sure, the psychic is not a therapist, but you need to see the interaction in the exact same way.




Bottom line, getting free psychic readings online may make you feel a bit stressed about it, but remember – you are not the only one in this situation. Even people who have seen psychics before may feel anxious at times. It is perfectly normal. Go into this meeting with an open mind and get ready upfront to make as much as possible out of it.


Remember, a psychic advisor can be seen as a counselor. You will get some insights and useful advice, but it takes communication and a good vibe.